Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for member advocacy and growth. We listen to our members insights and needs for programs or speakers that will help them achieve their professional goals. We are the greeters at events, the survey analysts, and we meet with local company leadership to see how we can best benefit their people.

Professional Development

The impact of health IT is expanding everyone’s need to work on a cross-functional team or support multiple organization systems using more advanced technologies. The need for skills and understanding of specialized areas outside of our own is growing and will continue to as the US tackles interoperability and data sharing. Areas that were once academic are moving into our everyday workflow such as informatics, ontology, genetics, medical data analytics, and security – which is getting harder to crack. Knowing what we need to know and what its impact will be on our future can be quickly summed up: HIMSS.

The Utah Chapter is backed up by a global network of experts, information, and online events that we bring to life. We help members become Certified in Healthcare Information Management Systems, host local and National experts to present, and share our expansive local network with our local members.

Staying Current

Our members want to know what’s happening in the local healthcare environment. Whether it’s about start-ups, IT or IS change, or the effect of new National, state, or organizational policy, the news can shift our workflow. We have a responsibility to our membership to keep you engaged and participating so you’re the first to know.

Connecting with People

As health IT becomes an integral part of our work, we sometimes forget how much can be gained by spending time with others in our specific field and other experts. The time spent at a Utah Chapter HIMSS event means less time typing and synthesizing a lot of new information on computer screens. Different perspectives, shared experiences, and getting a download from an industry leader can help us solve problems and conjure innovative new solutions.

Committee Support

We’re looking for committee members who like opening doors and talking about everything health IT. Want to sit down for a few hours a year with the leaders in hospitals, insurance companies, health IT companies, universities, life science companies, and the diverse organizations that support them? It’s not hard at all – there aren’t many people around that really understand what we do, conversation is always interesting and fun. The average amount of time people on the committee spend on UHIMSS activities is about 1.5 hours a month, with an extra two on months with hosted luncheons. But hey, you’re coming anyway, right?!!

We want to hear about your professional and informational needs. Contact us at: