HIE Liaison Committee

Local UHIMSS Activities

One of the goals of HIMSS is to promote HIE activities at the state, regional and local levels.  We have a wealth of resources listed below devoted to HIE.   We invite participants to our local subcommittee.  As a participant, you may be asked to help test a product or provide input on ideas to future educate and promote HIE.  Please notify Teresa or John if you would like to participate.  Health information exchange is one of the keys for us to transform healthcare and your contribution to the effort is much appreciated!

HIMSS National Activities

Quarterly HIE Community Roundtables

Once per quarter, the HIE Roundtable will be opened up to the full HIE Professional Community membership (currently 4000 members).  During these quarterly events, HIMSS will feature presentations from industry leaders, updates on the latest HIE policy and initiatives across the country, and real-life examples of HIE in action.
We will be posting information from these calls under the HIMSS Resources section above.  Thank you again for your ongoing support of the UHIMSS HIE Committee, and for participating in our activities!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

HIMSS HIE Resources

Learn about Health Information Exchange (HIE) organizations, networks and initiatives at the local, regional and state levels. HIE is critical for successful healthcare reform and meaningful use of health IT.

Today's health information exchange (both the noun and the verb) is a dynamically evolving landscape. HIMSS is here to help.


New HIMSS Updates:

The Business Case for Interoperability and Health Information Exchange –
Follow this link to a short video and white paper newly published by HIMSS.
2014 Interoperability Best Practices – HIMSS conducted a Survey of the Davies Award Winners to learn more about interoperability practices.

Check out the new HIMSS/NACCHO HIE Toolkit for Public Health.

As well as the HIE inPractice Podcasts.

State of Utah and the Health Information Exchange

The State of Utah has much activity surrounding the electronic exchange of health information.  Utah has a community Health Information Exchange Organization-the cHIE as well as several enterprise Health Information exchanges (hospitals and integrated delivery systems).

UHIN cHIE Solution

Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) was selected by the State of Utah to administer the State’s Health Information Exchange or what has been branded as Clinical Health Information Exchange (cHIE).  The goal is to improve the quality of healthcare in Utah and to give patients more control over their health information as well as provide authorized medical professionals a way to share and view patient information in a secure electronic manner.

Beginning in 2009, the cHIE network began connecting clinicians to hospitals, payers, labs, Electronic Medical Health (EHR) systems, pharmacies, and to other clinicians. It enables authorized clinicians, with patient consent, to review patient information that may be scattered across multiple health care organizations.  To see which health care organizations are participating visit http://www.mychie.org/community/ for a complete list.  As a HealtheWay member, the cHIE also offers connection through the eHealth Exchange.  Other services available are DIRECT secure messaging (cHIEDirect) and notification of inpatient and emergency admissions (cHIEAlerts).  For information on how to connect or use any of these services please contact  UHIN at 877-693-3071, chie@uhin.org

Enterprise Health Information Exchanges

The UHIMSS HIE Committee wants to support HIE adoption throughout the state of Utah. To do this, we're building a directory of organizations who have enterprise HIEs and are looking to connect their HIE to others or other HISPs (Health Information Service Providers that supply DIRECT secure messaging organizations).

If you would like to be listed, or if you're simply interested in learning more about HIE and connected health in Utah, contact us today!