Innovation Luncheon

March 12, 11:30am, MDT - 1:30pm, MDT

Location: Intermountain Healthcare, Doty Center


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Comprehensive Clinic Care

Speaker: Dave Henricksen, Intermountain Medical Group

We have often heard the statistics that a small number of patients make up a large amount of costs, but what do we really do to address those patients? Intermountain Healthcare has looked a new way to provide care for their highest cost patients in the Comprehensive Care Clinic.  In his presentation Dave Henriksen, Assistant Regional Operations Officer in the Intermountain Medical group will elaborate on what is so different about this clinic and what they are learning about taking care of this population.

Jayme NorrieSpeaker: Jayme Norrie, Gravitas Institute:

Accurately managing multiple conditions simultaneously to reduce the incidence, severity, and length of illness, thus reducing costs, is the medicine our healthcare system needs. Especially when one of those conditions impacts the health of our brain. Gravitas Institute, a nonprofit medical research center, is focused on developing models that integrate care practices for chronic and life threatening disease with the common brain illnesses that impact them. This work will support innovation in interdisciplinary medicine preparedness, clinical care, and reimbursement for all medical specialties. 

Jayme Norrie, a former executive at Pfizer who has transitioned into Health IT, is the Chief Strategic Officer and Founder. Jayme will introduce Gravitas and explain how science, medicine, and the human spirit can come together to advance comprehensive clinical care.