Data Analysts: Leading the Future of Healthcare

September 8, 11:30am, MDT - 1:30pm, MDT

The Doty Education Center, Intermountain Healthcare


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Leading the Future of Healthcare

Guest Speaker: Trevor Kobe

Trevor is the CEO and Founder of Equation, a premiere US health data analytics firm working across systems, people, and geographies to align complex questions and the teams that need the answers.

Data Analytics has become the buzz-word for healthcare value and excellence.  Today, billions of dollars are spend on analytics development and millions of lives depend on its precision and accuracy.  The role of the data analyst is quickly emerging from its humble roots of data interpretation to the critical data scientist that must have a seat at every decision-making table.

Learn the role of the data analyst, the tools they use, and the best practices for communicating the requirements of physicians, health professionals, administrators, and Health IT professionals in this though-provoking, in-depth luncheon presentation.  Whether a data analyst, or a professional working with them, you will expand your capability for leadership.

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