Blockchain - Unchained!

April 12, 11:30am, MDT - 1:00pm, MDT
Intermountain Medical Center
Doty Education Center
5121 Cottonwood Street
Murray, Utah


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Blockchain 101
C. Paul Morrey, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Information Systems and Technology Department of Utah Valley University
The success of Bitcoin has hyped the potential of blockchain technology in many areas. Dr. Morrey will introduce the basics of blockchain technology and list some potential applications in health information technology.

A Decentralized, Public, Global Identity Utility
Phil Windley, Enterprise Architect, Office of the CIO at Brigham Young University
The lack of global, trustable identifiers has led to significant security problems and lost opportunities. The Sovrin Network is a public, global identity utility built on permissioned distributed ledger. Sovrin supports distributed identity using a trustworthy system for third party credentials. Use cases for the Sovrin identity network include authentication, financial services, healthcare, education, and Internet of Things (among others). The code is open source. And since the network is public, anyone can use it. This talk will describe the problems with current models for Internet identity, why a good global identity utility is needed, how Sovrin works and utilizes blockchain technology, and stress its applications in healthcare.

Blockchain for Enterprises
Guru Bandiatmakur, Technical Evangelist and Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft
When a blockchain solution is valuable in enterprises and what are some of the key technology gaps in the current implementations of the blockchain networks, especially in the healthcare vertical. High-level review of popular opensource blockchain development frameworks. How can we address the enterprises concerns around the scalability, confidentiality, productivity, modularity and the governance of the blockchain networks? How cloud platforms can simplify, automate and accelerate the development and deployment of the blockchain networks.