Chris McKenzie, Undergraduate Scholarship 2015-2016

Chris McKenzieBS Healthcare Information Systems, Utah Valley University
Chris was one of the first students to enroll in Utah Valleys University's Healthcare Information Systems program (HIS). While attending UVU, he took a part-time job working in the University's Administrative Programming Department. During his senior year, he was offered a full-time job as a Programmer Analyst in the same department. In March 2014 his responsibilities changed and he became UVU''s first Data Architect over the Operational Data Store and Enterprise Data Warehouse. He helped to create and maintain data structures, models and ETLs. He was also a key member in starting a Business Intelligence department for the business needs of the University.

Recently, Chris left UVU to pursue his passion in Healthcare I.T. He made a career move in Oct. 2015 and joined Health Catalyst a healthcare date warehousing and analytics firm and took a position as a Business Intelligence Developer. He is currently working on building and deploying financial applications to help improve financial performance for hospitals and clinics across the US.